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Employability is a continuously evolving concept. It feeds on complexity and speed, and changes paradigm according to social and economic contexts, technological innovations and transformations at work, globally and locally. In many countries, new graduates are also expected to have a positive impact on organisations, economies and on society.

Employability is also a crucial issue in the very competitive Higher Education landscape, both locally and internationally. Each institution must leverage distinctive strengths to give new graduates a unique position in the market. It must also enhance its brand attractiveness among recruiters and future students.

Adaptability is essential. To navigate challenges with vision, trustworthy professional support makes the difference.
we help you keep your talents ahead, we are employability makers
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Emerging is a specialised hub of knowledge and innovation on employability

Our DNA is singular. It is made of a long experience of recruiting and integrating young talents in the corporate world.

For over a decade, we've operated with Higher Education institutions, as well as governments, to expand their leadership by integrating employability in their education mission. We help these organisations implement sustainable policies to shape future-ready graduates.

We are data-driven, solution-oriented, with lots of experience in the field, hands-on human expertise and cultural agility. We use AI as needed.

Employability makers
We make the difference

We have developed a unique and distinctive method with a proven track-record in unlocking our clients' path to success. It is based on our concept of employability performance analysis. It detects and measures the 'hard' elements and the 'soft' skills that drive employability performance. It draws on the foundation of our Key Employability Driver Grid and Employability Skills Map.

Our ongoing research in the field of employability surveys and rankings, and all our timely first-hand data and insights from employers worldwide come together to feed the system.

The Emerging Method for Employabiity

The Key Employability Driver are the decisive factors that drive employability. We've developed a framework comprised of 35 categories covering over one hundred fine-grained indicators which set a global standard, to measure and manage strategic decisions for employability. They can rapidly adapt to a changing environment.


Every year we track the skills which are required for a better market fit, staying tuned to current trends, by type of job and by industry. Hard skills, soft skills, smart skills, mad skills... We help leverage these leading-edge insights into practical, actionable steps within educational strategies.

Emerging's Employers' List

A list that uncovers employers' expectations on graduate's mindset. It monitors how transformative challenges like digitalisation, entrepreneurship, technological innovation or sustainability impact employability. It documents best practices in skills development and cooperation strategies. It benchmarks and gives the employers'choice of best performing universities locally, worldwide or by subjects.