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A set of specialised rankings identify the world's Digital Leaders in Higher Education

Digital Leaders in Higher Education is a set of rankings where employers and digital experts worldwide identify which institutions of Higher Education are the global champions for digital education. It is produced by Emerging, in collaboration with Trendence Institute and powered by Crunchbase*.
Each ranking, global or by category is designed to help students understand which universities will provide the best opportunities to thrive in the new fast-paced digital environment and teach transferable digital skills across their curriculum.
Digital Leaders higher education ranking

One meta-ranking composed of five rankings by subject

best universities for digital learning & studies
Latest release: 19th of April 2023.

The global ranking is a meta-ranking which identifies the TOP 200 Universities that have a strong focus on digital expertise and teach transferable digital skills across their curriculum.

Emerging's Digital Leaders Global Ranking and Best Universities for Digital Entrepreneurship are also published with the Times Higher Education, in exclusivity.

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Global and specific rankings by subject are based on a scoring system combining two sets of results:
  • the point of view of the market, via a field survey undertaken by Trendence
  • objective and detailed data on innovative companies and the people behind them, as provided byCrunchbase