Market intelligence
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Market awareness is essential to leadership.

The Emerging distinctive method to produce market intelligence relies on our concept of employability performance analysis. It promotes and structures the link between universities and companies, for who talent acquisition is a major challenge.

This method aggregates unique data and direct insights from our ongoing research with top employers. Over time, they represent millions of recruitments worldwide.

It provides leading-edge tools to empower Higher Education, helping to anticipate new curriculum needs, find the right corporate partners and establish an attractive brand for students and employers.

At every step of your engagement with our market intelligence, our experts support and guide you, facilitating the transformation into sustainable implementation of employability solutions.
act toward excellence adapting your action to your market needs
Discover what recruiters expect from graduates

Get the exclusive and latest insights from the Global Employability University Ranking and Survey.

Specialisation, graduate skills, focus on work expertise, leadership, interpersonal skills... 35 categories of over a hundred indicators across jobs and industries describe what employers expect, or not, from graduates in your relevant areas of academic learning. They can be queried to deliver information tailored to different geographies.

Embedded intelligence

Every year we give exclusive access to our survey on global employability (GEURS) or our specialised Digital Leaders survey, to a limited number of clients, allowing them to embed.

Embedding your own, personalised survey within a general one allows you to gather detailed information from participants based on their specific characteristics or responses. This approach provides a balanced approach to data collection, offering both broad insights and in-depth understanding.

Tailor intelligence to your unique needs

Leveraging our extensive data and qualitative insights, or conducting bespoke surveys to deep dive into your specific markets, we are equipped to address even the most specific and circumstantial questions in the way you request it. We can benefit from our partners' support and a touch of AI to amplify the results.

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The Emerging data warehouse is updated twice a year with the Global Employability University Ranking and Survey and the specialized studies on Digital Leaders in Higher Education.

Contact us for information on our data and its tailored solutions. We will address your questions, provide guidance and help you make the difference.