Shaping future-ready graduates

Digital Leaders in Higher Education presents a set of rankings revealing the names of universities and schools championing the digital skills agenda.

Digital Leaders in Higher Education blends employer evaluations with an assessment of education’s impact on graduate’s career success. Each ranking, global or by category is designed to help students understand which education institution will provide them with outstanding possibilities to navigate the new fast-paced digital environment.
Digital Leaders in Higher Education is a resourceful data and insights hub offering a direct look at how universities and schools are shaping graduates that are adaptable over the long term, capable of evolving and embracing innovations, disruptions and new technologies as they arise.

Clarity and Transparency at the core: our methodology and findings

Our 2024 rankings are grounded in an exhaustive exploration of the digital landscape. Our methodology is designed to capture both the prevalence and the perception of university programs within the digital sector. Thus, the category rankings we produced were enriched by integrating insights from two robust data sources: a global survey gathering opinions from over 3,500 digital experts and 150,000 digital professional CV and educational profile analysis. These profiles were chosen based on recent activity and relevant job titles in key sectors all vital for driving digital innovation.

Join us to explore our methodology and main findings of our ranking.