Digital Leaders entrepreneurship programs

Best Digital Entrepreneurship Programs is a TOP 100 ranking of universities elected by employers worldwide. It rewards entrepreneurship education at university level, where digital entrepreneurship is embedded in the curricula from the early stages of a student’s educational journey. Ranked universities are recognized for the innovative environment and incubation settings which empower students to turn their vision into sustainable entrepreneurial success.

This ranking is one of five specialized category rankings developed from Emerging’s Digital Leaders research. It feeds into the Digital Leaders meta-ranking.

We identify innovative HE institutions through a methodology which combines the educational profile of today’s CEOs of well-established digital startups with an assessment by a panel of leading entrepreneurs who are shaping tomorrow’s digital world. This powerful data analysis is an integrating part of Emerging’s Employability Method, a guidance framework for Higher Education institutions which is tailored to assess and improve graduate employability as well as measure its social impact.

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2023 release | best universities for digital entrepreneurship programs
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