The Global Employability University Ranking since 2011

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Independent and based exclusively on employer’s opinions, the Global Employability University Ranking lists the top 150 universities worldwide for employability.  

The Global Employability  Ranking  seeks to complement existing  rankings based on academic achievements by considering the word “employability” from the point of view of the main receptors of young graduates: the corporate world. 

Thus it is focused on practical skills universities should develop and it is based on operational managers's opinion with experience recruiting graduates and or working with graduates in corporate/business roles, engineering roles, IT Roles, HR roles, digitals.

  • Working from big companies to starts ups, in all main economic sectors.

  • Summing up a very representative recruitment volume past and future (300 000 in 2018, more than one and a half million recruitments since 2010).

  • Located in countries representing 80% world GDP & 80% world young graduates population.

  • This ranking is the only one based uniquely on the market  point of view of universities worldwide for the 9th consecutive year now.

  • Every year  since 2011 an independent polling institute canvasses two panels of local and international recruiters representing from 20 to 24 countries and more than 8000 recruiters/employers of young graduates. They select the top universities amongst 6000 institutions worldwide

  • On top of voting for the local and  global rankings, the polling institute also conducts a major survey of the recruiter's views on HE education. In the survey phase, they give their assessment and expectations on the employability of young graduates and rate as well both locally and internationally the drivers for Higher Education institutions performance.

  • The outcome of the survey is a Top 150 university ranking, with an additional list of 100 challengers placed from 151 to 250 and a collection of local (national) rankings

  • With this  unique and  yearly updated data, the GEU Ranking  is different and complementary with other peer to peer productions which are mostly declarative rankings based on academic achievements and research.

  • It is now the 2d most consulted university ranking by employers (source Trendence 2019).

  • 9 years of data also allows for a time series analysis of the canvassed  countries’ overall performance in HE and university rankings.



In 2019, 91 000 votes were canvassed by an independent polling institute from 8000 operational and international managers from major businesses recruiting and/or working with graduates, in 23 countries. Together they represent more than 300 000 recruitments (-1/+1 year).


  • This year’s edition confirms the ever growing internationalization of HE education.

  • Scientific and technical institutions tend to fare well

  • Universities with closer type or partnerships with companies also are rising

  • The global dominance of US and UK universities is increasingly been challenged  by  East Asian and continental Europe ( Germany , France, Switzerland, The Netherlands,…)


If you are interested in obtaining the key data  and our analysis on  this years edition you can download the 2019 Global Employability University Ranking Key Findings.



Since last year, the top 150 is completed by a list of a 100 universities, the “challengers list”. For the first time this year we have ranked those universities - based also on the number of votes they received - from 151 to 250.

Thus those universities that fell out of the top 150 continue to be represented allowing for a continued evaluation of their position and as well as their strategy towards employers.

This additional list also allows a better analysis of existing trends, of countries as well as systems, and makes it possible to spot new ones, and identify new up and coming candidates that may be already a step ahead in terms of reform and transformation.

It may also highlight individual champions that would not appear in the top 150, but which perform well within the market place.

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