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In order to support our clients in fostering links and fruitful corporate/universities partnerships  it is essential that we  support their  strategy and actions based on the most recent, accurate and relevant data. We provide them with benchmarks, internal and external surveys. (see our missions on the site).

To provide  them with tailored and success tested solutions we also need to constantly update our understanding of the global and local Higher Education environment  as well as identify  the coming trends  and  best practice  anywhere  in this  globalized  field.

This is why we launched in 2011 the largest and longest running HE survey of recruiters worldwide.

In 2019 the main theme of the survey was:

Companies & universities : preparing graduates for the disruption of the digital workplace

We also complement this research with a TOP 150 and since 2019 top 250 Global Employability University Ranking. This year we canvassed more than 8000 recruiters in 23 countries to collect their votes on the best performing universities locally and worldwide as seen from the workplace perspective. This ranking has been ranked as the second most influential amongst companies (source Trendence institute 2019).

We also use the data to produce annually  a country scoring system, a Higher Education Performance Index and an ROI HE index.

We have through this constant and ongoing research accumulated  valuable  data which is a unique and very powerful source of information providing guidance for experts and professionals in Higher Education. In order for pour clients to fine tune and evaluate their specific strategy we have decided to take advantage of the remarquable evolution of data analysis tools and develop our own software  solution: a dashboard which uses the data points collected each year from companies in the context of the survey and further qualitative and quantitative sources. It is designed to be customizable, scalable, and integrate with existing systems.

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