Involvement in the program

Emerging creates “branded” training in a company’s name on transverse topics in relation to soft skills in order to optimize the chances of transforming recruitments into success stories, strengthen the motivation of new joiners and encourage them want to stay.

Courses modules :

We design, in collaboration with the company and the institution, course modules within the educational curriculum on the theme of problems regarding vocational integration.

The intervening parties are from client organizations and topics such as project management or innovation management are chosen according to a company’s teaching needs and know-how.

Innovation workshops

Classic tools for assessing and selecting young graduates only partially meet companies’ needs.

It is more appropriate to put in place beforehand actions that allow for differentiation, which provide

complementary educational solutions to institutions and attract new generations of students.

  • Learn about the company, its activities, its assets

  • Think outside the box and share ideas about an original approach

  • Take control, expand your vision, “provoke” reactions, surprise…

  • Encourage mixing, and identify the candidates best suited to a company’s culture

For companies approaching universities, the obstacles are:


  • The plethora of training courses and university courses

  • The difficulties in assessing the quality of training

  • The lack of homogeneity among students on the same course

HR recruitment workshops

The recruitment interview is the entry point to the world of work. You can only make a good impression

once! Know-how is what will distinguish two candidates with equal qualifications.

  • Learn in a fun way the rules that govern recruitment interviews

  • Develop self-confidence; learn how to highlight the value of your skills

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