Getting closer to students

Outreaching strengthens the appeal of your company to young graduates and allows you to optimize the links between employer branding and recruitment.

We help you build or reinvent partnerships with target institutions by:

98% of HR managers believe that know-how is an essential or important element for professional success


62% of HR managers believe that know-how skills can be acquired


63% of HR managers believe that the teaching of know-how in higher

education is not

very effective

Providing information on companies, their activities and their assets in an original and motivating way, on widely available topics.


Setting up innovative operations that aim as much at creating a large community of interest on a campus, as assisting students in advance in building their professional projects.


Introducing progressively into the training program modules designed to enhance students’ employability, essentially soft skills


Articulating actions around the learning of know-how, individually or collectively, by experiencing real-life situations.

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